Emma’s sculpture appeals to the senses; her work explores human experience: from how we feel to how we move, to how we deal with everyday life and the choices we make.

Barristers in wire

Just completed a commission to make 4′ high wire sculptures of barristers disputing. The sculptures were commissioned for a hotel bar which is an old court house in York, called Judge’s Lodging. The project was a huge challenge as not only was it a new way of working… Read More

Esperanza in her new home

This cast marble sculpture was made back in 2003 and belonged to my Granny, who I have to thank for all her support in helping me became an artist.  The sculpture has now returned to me and she is going to stay at Bristol Botanic Gardens this summer,… Read More

Easter exhibition

   I will be showing some new work at the University of Bristol’s Botanic Gardens this Easter. The exhibition runs from the Friday 18 April to Monday 21 April, 10:00 until 17:00. I will be showing my largest sculpture yet, called Embrace, currently I’m making the mould to… Read More