Unfortunately,  there are currently no courses scheduled, as Emma is busy being a mother of a young family as well as needing time to focus on her own practice.  However, please email Emma if you wish to be added to her mailing list and be notified of new course dates when they are released.

Emma runs various sculpture courses: predominantly in life sculpture as well as  masterclasses in different materials or techniques and even anatomy focus workshops.  The classes are run in a well-equipped ceramics room at In Bristol Studio, where her studio is.

Emma also offer Private Tutoring, for practical and/or conceptual advice to help you realise new ideas or develop certain techniques.  Email Emma for more information.

Emma is passionate about getting people involved in sculpture: passing on her enthusiasm for the tactile nature of clay as well as exploring new sculptural techniques and studying the intricacies of human body.  Emma has spent many hours drawing and studying human anatomy and during the courses is always at hand to discuss the anatomy of the pose.
All courses have maximum of 7 participants, ensuring you have plenty of space. Facilities include a specially made turntable for the model, so that everyone can stay in one place, as the model turns so you can see every angle.  Email Emma to book a course, ask any questions or if you wish to be added to her mailing list to hear first about new courses.



Life sculpture Classes:
These range from day workshops to 8 session course with 2 poses.  The classes give you chance to explore the human figure in 3D, working with clay from a life model.   All abilities and backgrounds are welcome.  The class is self-led, though I am at hand to help with sculptural form and anatomy of the pose as well as support your creative expression.  Clay sculptures can be fired on site for small fee and collected after the course; you will need to hollow out your sculpture during the sessions and advice of how to do so will be at hand.


“the course was incredibly helpful especially for someone who has no experience in clay”

“I learnt  a lot from the tutor during the course, and feel I have improved my techniques and knowledge base”

“so glad to have opportunity to be in a studio environment, to rediscover some skills”

“there was a good number of people in the class, plenty of help from the tutor and an abundance of equipment”

Wire & Plaster course:
A more challenging and explorative course, looking at techniques of working in wire to build an armature.  Once the armature has been made, we then use mud-roc, then plaster on the top to finish the sculpture.  All the time we will work from life model.


“great to explore different approach to sculpture”

“difficult working with metal armature but so good to understand process more”

Hand casting and sculpting workshop:
A practical study of hands and their anatomy.  We start with casting your hand, by using Alginate rubber to make a mould, into which we pour a plaster to make a cast.  Then there will be time to work on your plaster cast before using this cast as reference to sculpt your own hand in clay.  You will develop understanding of basic anatomy of hands and learn tricks of how to sculpt them, which will help you in your own work.


“such an enjoyable and engaging course, with good mix of play and learning”

“what fun!”




With increase high demand for these Life sculpture courses, Emma has invited other experienced tutors to teach classes Their info is below:  

Tom Astley: artist and model maker who creates very detailed, figurative sculptures.  He has years of sculpting experience in various materials and knows much about clay, as well as experience teaching his own Life sculpture at The Park in Knowle West.  You can see his work at http://www.tomastley.com

Laura Williams: sculptor, painter, drawer, printer; Laura has a rich and diverse practice and is always exploring new techniques. She has a very strong portfolio of life drawing and so has lots of relevant experience to bring to this class. https://www.instagram.com/laurawilliamsartist/