Emma’s sculpture appeals to the senses; her work explores human experience: from how we feel, to how we move, to how we deal with life and the choices we make.

start of something new

Recently I have been developing a new work around the theme of movement.



I’m using my time at Heatherleys art school to develop some ideas inspired my passion for Capoeira and power of human body.  I have been looking at Edwards Muybridge’s photos of figure in motion to help me compose some dynamic structures and explore lines of movement.  I made this cardboard sculpture and love the fluid shapes and curves yet feel the cardboard isn’t the right material to express the energy and so then developed one of the figures in transparent red perspex.  This figure is Ready, poised, muscles prepped, with a suspense of imminent action.

To see more of this work please visit my blog at: www.ejkempinmovement.wordpress.com