When you put your mind to it

Materials: Bronze-resin, Carrara marble, Hardwood
Edition of 20
49.5cm high x 18cm x 17cm

This is a hugely challenging pose, in both balance, strength and agility of mind & body.  Many refer to this pose as a scorpion handstand and it is used in yoga as well as gymnastics and capoeira.    It is an inspiring pose, showing that with time and dedication we can achieve great things.

The figure is mounted on a marble base that is mounted on a wooden plinth.  The title is burnt into the wooden plinth using pyrography.  The marble base can be easily detached from the wooden plinth, so that you can adjust the height to fit onto your chosen display place, eg on a mantle piece. The wooden plinth is 20cm high, and total height of sculpture with only marble base is 25.5cm.